What are AFAs?

Academic Field Activities (AFAs) are university-recognized learning activities outside the regularly assigned classroom that fully or partly fulfill an academic requirement as defined or described in the official course syllabus or program catalogue.

Types of AFAs

1. On-campus AFAs  –  are academic and similar experiential learning activities done outside the regularly assigned classrooms but within the premises of the UP Diliman Campus or its constituent unit. Examples include field surveys of engineering students at the academic oval, the Vargas Museum tour, bird watching in the UP Arboretum, and others.

2. Off-campus AFAs  – are authorized academic and similar experiential learning activities undertaken outside the premises of UP Diliman, or outside the premises of its constituent units. Examples include plant industry visits, field trips, fieldwork, field school, and others.

3. Special Face-to-Face AFAs  –  are time-sensitive invitations to attend or participate in culture and arts events or programs outside the University. Examples include performance viewing at the CCP.

4. NSTP AFAs  – are any on or off-campus field activity performed as part of a student’s NSTP curriculum. Examples include urban farming in a community, indigenous immersion, recycling program, tutorials for kids, volunteering at an animal shelter, etc.

5. F2F Local Internships, Practicum, and On-the-Job Training –  are AFAs that involve the long-term deployment of student intern/s to a host training establishment (HTE) as coordinated by the student’s respective academic unit.

Administrative Procedures

Flowchart and Checklist of Requirements for MOU & MOA Processing  –   MOA & MOU Processing (Student Internship Program in the Philippines)

Forms and Guidelines for AFAs – On-Campus AFAs, Off-Campus AFAs, Special Face-to-Face AFAs, NSTP AFAs, Internship/OJT/Practicum