OFA and AFAs: What You Need To Know

    Face-to-face Academic Field Activity Guidelines

    The Office of Field Activities Diliman shall implement different processes for Internship/On-the-Job Training/Practicum, On-Campus, Off-Campus, National Service Training Program (NSTP), and Special Face-to-Face AFA requests. The safety of the AFA venues, compliance with minimum health and safety protocols, coordination with the concerned LGU (if necessary), medical clearance (if applicable), and insurance requirements (if applicable) of AFA participants shall be ensured by the College before a request and other usual documents related to AFA implementation are forwarded to OFA Diliman via email at ofadiliman@up.edu.ph.

    The academic unit may constitute a technical committee to facilitate the evaluation of the requirements for the safe F2F implementation of the unit’s AFAs. It shall ensure that the following are in order: 

    a. safety and compliance of AFA venues with the minimum public health standards 

    b. proper consultation with the students and stakeholders

    c. any document indicating LGU approval. There must be proper coordination with the LGU that holds jurisdiction over the AFA venue/s.

    d. unit’s comprehensive health and safety protocols

    e. adherence of F2F AFA participants to the minimum health and safety protocols

    The College of Engineering, College of Science, and College of Music have established their college-level AFA Technical Committees. AFA Requests under these academic units must first course through their designated AFA Committees that will then forward the submitted documents to OFA Diliman. For other academic units, OFA Diliman advises FICs to consult their departments/colleges whether there are internal arrangements in the submission of AFA requests.

    The Certificate of Authority for F2F AFAs signed by the Chancellor will no longer be required starting 2nd semester of A.Y. 2022-2023. The formerly required LGU approval for Off-Campus Academic Field Activities, in accordance with the latest Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memo, has also been amended and is no longer required. However, the Faculty-in-Charge must secure proof of LGU/NGO coordination if deemed necessary. Should the units conduct face-to-face (F2F) Academic Field Activities, please ensure the unit’s compliance with CHED-DOH Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2021-001.

    The following prescribed OFA Diliman forms and requirements also do not cover voluntary internships and can only be utilized by courses with internships that are included in the program’s curriculum.

    Access the UP Diliman Face-to-Face Academic Field Activity Guidelines Second Semester AY 2022-2023 here.

    1. On-campus AFAs

    The following are links to editable forms for On-campus AFAs to be accomplished by the faculty-in-charge: 

    1. Summary Report of Face-to-face On-campus Academic Field Activities 
    2. AFA Evaluation Form

    2. Off-campus AFAs

    The following are links to editable forms for Off-Campus AFAs to be accomplished by the faculty-in-charge.

    1. Face-to-face Academic Field Activity Request Form
    2. Student Participation Agreement (to be filled up by each student)
    3. AFA Evaluation Form

    3. Special face-to-face AFAs

    The following are links to editable forms for Special Face-to-Face AFAs to be accomplished by the faculty-in-charge.

    1. Special face-to-face Academic Field Activity (AFA) Request Form
    2. AFA Evaluation Form

    4. Internship, On-the-Job Training, and Practicum


    1. Approved MOA/MOU* (To be collated and submitted by the faculty-in-charge/internship coordinator for MOA Processing)

    a. Endorsement Letter from Dean Template
    b. Budget Certification from Dean Template
    c. MOA/MOU Draft Template
    d. Secretary’s Certificate of HTE Rep Template
    e. Valid ID of HTE Rep

    2. Internship Contract or Agreement Template

    3. Face-to-face Academic Field Activity Request Form


    1. AFA Evaluation Form

    5. NSTP AFAs

    The following are links to editable forms for NSTP AFAs to be accomplished by the faculty-in-charge.

    1. Summary List of NSTP AFAs
    2. AFA Evaluation Form

    6. International AFA (I-AFAs)

    The following are links to editable forms for I-AFAs to be accomplished by the faculty-in-charge.

    1. I-AFA Request Form
    2. University of the Philippines Health Service Physical Examination Scheduling Form
    3. I-AFA Laboratory Request Form
    4. Student Participation Agreement Form
    5. AFA Evaluation Form

    7. Renewal of Previously-approved MOAs

    The following are links for renewal of previously approved MOAs to be accomplished by the faculty-in-charge.

    1. Draft agreement (using the MOA Renewal Template)
    2. A copy of the MOA/MOU for renewal/extension (attached as Annex A to the new draft of the agreement)
    3. Certification from HTE to authorize signatories (e.g. Secretary’s Certificate of Board Resolution, or Special Power of Attorney with Certificate of DTI Registration if a sole proprietorship)
    4. Endorsement letter to the Chancellor and budget certification from the Head of Unit about the proposed partnership
    5. Certification of no special budgetary outlay from DBO (in accordance with OSU Memo 2017-02-04)
    6. A copy of a government-issued ID of a qualified representative of the HTE