1. Do we need the permission of the Dean for on-campus AFAs?

  • Yes. The academic unit shall fully process and act on all requests for F2F on-campus academic field activities of the unit, with the exception of on-campus internships/OJT/practicum. The unit shall only be forwarding the following documents to OFA Diliman via email: (a) Summary Report of the approved on-campus F2F AFAs during the semester, to be submitted at the beginning of the semester, and (b) FIC-accomplished AFA Evaluation Form for the conducted AFA which is to be submitted before the semester ends.

2. Do we need the permission of the Dean for AFAs outside UP?

  • Yes. After the unit has found the requirements for the safe F2F implementation of its requested AFA in order (e.g. safety of F2F AFA venue/s, etc) and consistent with the relevant University and CHED Guidelines, the implementing unit shall submit its accomplished Face-to-Face (F2F) Academic Field Activity (AFA) Request Form to OFA Diliman via email. The request form indicates the nature and other pertinent information regarding the requested F2F off-campus AFA. This must be duly signed by the FIC, the Department Chair, and the head of the academic unit. This must be submitted along with copies of accomplished Student Participation Agreements (SPA) to OFA Diliman at least seven (7) days prior to the activity date. Accomplished SPAs shall be collected by the FIC from her/his students.

3. What is the format for the MOA?

  • You may use the MOA of the partner host training establishment or you may access the MOA template here.

4. Is there available insurance for students participating in AFAs?

  • The UP System procures insurance for undergraduate students every year. Students eligible for RA 10931 Free Tuition Act are covered by the student insurance program. You may request the student policy insurance numbers from the Office of Scholarships and Grants Insurance Diliman (osginsurance.upd@up.edu.ph). If the students are no longer eligible for RA 10931 Free Tuition Act, the FIC must ensure that the student has a valid insurance before they are allowed to participate in any AFA.

5. What if the MOA/MOU is still in process, can the students begin their internship already?

  • No. To ensure the safety of all parties involved, the units must only deploy students for internship, practicum, or OJTs once a valid and notarized MOA is in place. The academic units are urged to initiate the processing of internship requirements at least a semester before the actual implementation of the internship.

6. What is the process for unplanned/sudden AFAs?

  • Request for the conduct of Special F2F AFA/s is subject to the approval of the Dean/Head of the academic unit. The FIC must, however, inform OFA Diliman and submit the approved Special F2F AFA Request Form (Appendix C) via email at least two (2) days before the activity date. The AFA evaluation form (Appendix J) must also be accomplished and submitted by the FIC to OFA Diliman before the semester ends. It is incumbent upon the offering unit to take precautionary measures to ensure the authenticity of the event/activity, the welfare of the participating students, and the safety and security of the AFA venue.

7. Are AFA Forms applicable to voluntary internships?

  • No. OFA only processes and monitors AFAs included in the syllabus of the course. If the internship is not required by the course or the degree program, it is considered voluntary and is not within the scope of OFA; thus, the AFA forms provided by OFA are not applicable to voluntary internships.