The Office of Field Activities Diliman or OFA Diliman was established to respond to the need to properly contextualize and operationalize academic field activities in the University. Hence, OFA operates on the banner goal of “Context”. Formerly, all the academic field activities (AFAs) were handled directly by OVCAA with support from a Project Development Associate (PDA). Afterwards, it was devolved to OFA Diliman, one of the institutionalized offices under the approved reorganization of OVCAA (Memorandum No. OVCAA-BMP 16-185) by the UP Board of Regents (BOR) during its 1316th meeting on March 31, 2016 and operationalized thru Executive Order No. PAEP 16-02 dated 26 April 2016 and Memorandum No. OVCAA-BMP 16-189.


To be the key office in promoting relevant academic field activities as an integral and enriching part of the students’ curriculum.


To continuously provide expert advising, assistance, and networking opportunities to academic units that will guarantee the quality of learning and exposure of students in the field, while ensuring compliance of these activities with the University’s operational policies and guidelines.


The approved organizational structure of the office is composed of an OFA Director, as head under the OVCAA, and it is supported by three staff to carry out the office three core main functions.