Asst. Prof. Arlyn P. Macapinlac, MA
Director, Office of Field Activities (OFA) Diliman

Following the University of the Philippines (UP) tradition of honor and excellence, Assistant Professor Arlyn P. Macapinlac has been dutifully serving the University in various capacities for almost three decades now. Within these years, she actively involved herself in teaching, administration, research, and extension services. As a new addition to her series of administrative roles, she currently serves as the Director of the Office of Field Activities (OFA) Diliman.

In 1993, Asst. Prof. Macapinlac began teaching philosophy and communication courses as an instructor at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), where she later became an Assistant Professor. She was also a member of the Ad Hoc Committee that ushered the institution of the BA Philosophy program of UPLB in 1997. Her teaching career was further enriched when she started teaching as an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the UP Open University in 2009. To date, she is serving as an Assistant Professor at the UP Diliman (UPD) Department of Philosophy.

Alongside teaching, Dir. Macapinlac has also held a number of administrative positions. She was the head of the Philosophy Division in the Department of Humanities, UPLB for more than five years. A year after she started teaching at UPD in 2012, she served as Assistant College Secretary in the College of Social Science and Philosophy (CSSP). In 2016, she became the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Coordinator of CSSPUPD. A year later, she was appointed as the Director of NSTP Diliman, where she served for 3 years.

Since 1994, Prof. Macapinlac has been actively involved in extension activities. She was a member of the UPLB Formal Environmental Education (UPLB-FEED) Team that conducted monitoring activities and training workshops for environmental education and biodiversity conservation for selected elementary, high school, and college teachers in Rizal, Laguna, Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental, Polillo Island, Samar, and Cebu. In UPD, she was tapped as a trainer for Etika in CHED Trainors’ Training for the Teaching of the General Education Core Courses in 2017. During her term as NSTP Director, she was the project leader of an Extension Grant on NSRC First Responders Training and three NSTP Academic Program Improvement (API) projects. In the Department of Philosophy, she was the co-project leader of an Extension Grant on Teacher-Training on Teaching the ‘Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person’ for Senior High School in Nueva Ecija. She also served as the project leader of the Source of Solutions Grant on “Designing the Communication Campaign for the Increased Awareness of the National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) and Its Mandate at the University of the Philippines Diliman.”

After years of working with the UPLB-FEED Team, NSTP, and CSSP, Asst. Prof.Macapinlac has gained significant experience in conducting field activities. Through her leadership, OFA Diliman is now moving towards refining the policies and guidelines for AFA, as well as improving and streamlining the processes of the relatively new office, to be of better service to the UP Diliman community.

For questions or concerns related to AFA, you may reach the Office of Field Activities Diliman via email at